Payfast allows you to Split Payments

Split Payments is a South African-first feature from Payfast that instantly splits a portion of an online payment with a third party.

Start using Split Payments to unlock your business potential

Unlock the potential of a platform-based business model with Split Payments. Whether you run a marketplace that brings together multiple sellers or you’re a merchant looking for new sales channels, with Split Payments you can instantly split out commission, membership, referral, affiliate or listing fees when a payment is made via one of our supported payment methods.

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Streamline your wholesale and reseller business

Improve cash flow in your business by eliminating the need for collections and tedious financial admin. With Split Payments you can instantly pay or get paid commission and any other fees; the ideal solution for wholesalers, resellers or other third parties needing to receive funds.

How Split Payments works

A buyer checks out using one of Payfast’s payment methods.

The payment is processed and it instantly reflects in the main Payfast account.

The predetermined funds are then immediately split with the secondary Payfast account.

Benefits of Split Payments

Transform your business with Split Payments. The business applications and financial
benefits of Split Payments are infinite.

  • Supports a variety of online business models

    Split Payments is ideal for online platforms listing products and services from various merchants and businesses with commission or fees-based models.
  • You determine the split payment amount

    For each online payment received you determine by how much it is split; either a fixed amount, a percentage or a combination of both.
  • Split your recurring payments

    If you have a custom recurring payment integration such as tokenization or subscriptions, you can also split these payments automatically.
  • Improve cash flow

    Say goodbye to tedious payment waiting times and collections, with Split Payments everyone gets their financial cut instantly and with reduced error.