Answering your Merchant FAQs

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General Merchant FAQs

How do I manage subscriptions via my Payfast Dashboard?

How do I process a refund via my Payfast Dashboard?

How do I verify my Payfast account?

How do I change my password?

How do I request a payout?

Why have Payfast emails changed to a domain? 

Does Payfast’s email domain change affect my transactions? 

Technical Merchant FAQs

What technical support does Payfast offer for custom integration?

Why am I getting the error “Merchant_key invalid”?

What are the common causes of a failed integration or signature mismatch?

How do I enable Split Payments?

What kind of technical support does Payfast offer for third party plugins?

What is 3D Secure 2?

Gateway FAQs

I have some questions regarding my Paygate integration. Who can I contact?

Where is my money? The Paygate system shows that batch number xxx was sent to the bank last night and the money is not showing on my bank statement.

To find out where your money is, please contact your bank’s merchant services division. Contact numbers can be found on the Helpful Numbers page of the Back Office.

Do I need a merchant account to use your services?

Do you have payment solutions that do not require an Internet Merchant Account?

Can Paygate process mobile transactions?

Can I use Paygate to process recurring transactions?