Multi-Currency Pricing

Introducing Multi-Currency Pricing, the simple solution to get your product in the hands of international customers. Accept payments in almost any currency from anywhere in the world and get paid in ZAR.  

Get paid from anywhere in the world

Ready to take your product to the world? Rethink how you do business by having the opportunity to sell your products to buyers situated anywhere in the world, from Athens to Zanzibar. With Multi-Currency Pricing from Payfast by Network, you can offer your customers their preferred currency at checkout. Get the exposure your business deserves.  

How Multi-Currency Pricing works 

During the checkout process, buyers are given the option to select their preferred currency from a drop-down list.  

The currency conversion from ZAR is automatically displayed and the buyer is prompted to accept to continue the payment.  

The card payment option is displayed by default where they can enter their Visa or Mastercard card details.  

Once the payment is processed it will reflect in your Payfast account.  

Benefits of Multi-Currency Pricing 

Multi-Currency Pricing can give your business a global competitive edge by opening new international sales opportunities. 

    • Increased customer reach

      Accept payments from customers in different countries, which has the potential to increase your customer base and revenue.
    • Reduced fraud risk

      Reduce the risk of fraud from customers who may use stolen credit cards from another country.
    • Improved customer experience

      Allow customers to pay in their preferred currency, creating a faster and more convenient checkout process.
    • Better exchange rates

      Opportunity for better exchange rates compared to traditional banks.