Merchant Refund

With the Payfast Merchant Refund feature you can quickly and easily refund your customers partially or in full.

Refund your customers through the Payfast Dashboard

Refund your customers directly without having to go through Payfast Customer Services. You can easily refund all of our supported payment methods, including credit & cheque cards, Instant EFTs, Store Cards, MoreTyme, SnapScan and Zapper.

How Merchant Refund works:

  1. Log in to your account or register for one if you’re new to Payfast.
  2. From the Transactions drop-down menu select ‘Transactions History’.
  3. Locate the purchase transaction to be refunded and select the refund icon in the far right column.
  4. On the refund transaction screen, select if the refund type is a full or partial refund of the original transaction amount.
  5. Enter the amount of the refund and the reason for the refund.
  6. Your customer will receive a refund confirmation email.

Benefits of Merchant Refund

Initiate quicker refunds to ensure happier customers.

  • Refund all payment methods

    Refund all our popular payment method transactions via the Payfast Dashboard.
  • Initiate refunds from the Payfast Dashboard

    Sign into your Payfast account and refund your customer in a few simple steps.
  • Choose to refund a partial or full amount

    Refund your customer in full or a partial sum of the original transaction amount.
  • Pay a flat fee per refund

    Starting from 1 October 2020, each refund, irrespective of the amount, will have a fee of R 2.00 excluding VAT.