Accept Donations online with Payfast

We recognise the important work that you are doing running your charity or NPO. We will help you spread awareness about your cause through our Cause Index and enable you to receive online donations instantly and securely via one of our 18+ supported payment methods. 

Digital fundraisers online 

In an age where convenience and accessibility reign supreme, online donations have become a game-changer for nonprofits. The ability to accept donations online empowers organisations to connect with donors globally, breaking down geographical barriers and time constraints. Moreover, it streamlines the donation process, making it more convenient for supporters to contribute to their chosen causes. 

Setting up donation options

Defining donation amounts

Decide on the donation amounts you want to offer to your supporters and allow them to contribute custom amounts if they prefer. 

Recurring donations

Explore the benefits of recurring donations and how to set up this option. Recurring donations can provide your organization with a stable source of income. 

Whether you are a charity or an NPO, Payfast wants to help you raise money

Payfast does its bit by offering causes reduced fees and a free hosted page on the Payfast Cause Index. If you have a website, integrate our subscriptions feature so donors can make automated scheduled donations. 

Get more exposure with a free listing on our website 

Registered causes get a free dedicated page on the Payfast Cause Index to promote their charity and receive donations. Here you can display your logo alongside a description of your cause, list contact information and link to your website and social media pages. Most importantly, with a few simple clicks you can receive once-off or recurring donations from your supporters. 

Register a Cause account and we’ll provide:

  • Lower fees

    Reduced fees so that you can get the most value out of online donations.

  • Full integration flexibility

    Full integration flexibility into your existing website so that you can receive donations with a simple click of a button.

FAQs about Payfast Donations

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How secure are payments made through Payfast? 

What types of organisations can benefit from using Payfast for donations?

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