Invoicing solutions that ensure prompt payment

Invoicing, recon and chasing payments can be time consuming. With the right platform and Payfast you can automate tedious accounting tasks by capturing, tracking and processing payments online.

Automate your accounting process so that you can have more time to focus on your business

Use a cloud-based billing and invoicing system to manage your finances by automating processes such as reconciliation, generating invoices and sending out emails for overdue accounts.

Integration with Payfast prompts your customers to pay their bills immediately and conveniently using one of Payfast’s supported payment options. Let us handle your payments so you can take care of business.

Integrate your invoicing platform in a matter of minutes

Improve cash flow and efficiency with Payfast. We integrate with prominent billing and invoicing platforms such as Xero, WP Invoice and Invoice Ninja so that you can request and manage payments effortlessly.

Payfast integration features

  • Add Payfast as a checkout option on your invoices to offer customers a convenient way to settle their account.
  • Invoices settled via Payfast automatically reflect as paid in your accounting platform.
  • Payment records are matched to your customer records in the system.
  • Only pay a small all-in-one transaction fee when your customers pay. We have no monthly, setup or hidden fees.

Case studies

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We were looking for a way for members to pay their invoices by means of credit card and not have the inconvenience of a card machine. Payfast was able to offer this service to us at a reasonable rate and the integration to our platform was relatively painless.

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FAQs for Payfast Invoicing Solutions

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