Payfast Subscriptions

The Payfast subscriptions feature is designed especially for businesses that run a membership or retainer style business model or product.

Build loyalty and retain customers with recurring billing & subscriptions

Benefit from predictable revenue and nurture customer retention by providing automated, scheduled credit or cheque card payments that are charged at regular intervals. Our subscriptions feature supports popular shopping carts, including WooCommerce and custom integration via the Payfast API.

How subscriptions work

Buyers load their card details on our secure payment system.

We encrypt and store the details as a token.

You determine a payment schedule or debit order that works for your business.

The tokenized card details are charged automatically, ensuring a predictable revenue stream.

Benefits of subscriptions

Increase customer retention through automated billing. Payfast is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider so you can be assured of peace of mind.

    • Flexible schedules

      Create payment schedules that work for your products, clients and business. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually the control is in your hands.
    • API access

      Update, pause, cancel and view subscription information, all available through the recurring payments API or from the Payfast dashboard.
    • Card management

      Card about to expire? No problem. We put the customer in control of their card details and will handle the hassle of getting the information updated.
    • Secure card vault

      Maintain loyal customer relationships through multiple stored payment plans. Payfast is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider so you can be assured of peace of mind with our top notch security.