Store Cards

RCS Store Cards (including RCS, Game, Cape Union Mart, Makro, Builders and CTM cards) provide customers with the ability to make online purchases through affordable and flexible payment terms. Available on Aggregator only.

Reach millions of potential new customers when you accept store card payments, powered by RCS

Join South Africa’s largest shopping network and have access to over a million potential, new customers who are using their store cards to make purchases. For every purchase made with a store card, you get paid instantly and in full.

Your customers can pay with these store cards: RCS Store Card, Game Mystore Card, Makro Credit, Builders Store Credit, Cape Union Mart Group Card, Keedo Store Card, Old Khaki Store Card, Poetry Store Card, Tread+Miller Store Card, VIP Store Card, CTM Store Card, Contempo Store Card and Supa Quick Store Card.

How store cards work 

  1. During the checkout process, customers are prompted to enter their store card number.
  2. The customer receives an OTP via the mobile number that’s linked to their card and enters it to approve the purchase. 
  3. Once the transaction is processed it will reflect in your Payfast account. 

Benefits of store cards

  • Quick, easy and secure transactions
  • Access to over a million potential, new customers who own a store card
  • You get paid in full while RCS handles the payments
  • Payments reflect immediately in your Payfast account
  • Only pay a small all-in-one transaction fee when you make a sale, we have no monthly, setup or hidden fees 

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup, monthly or hidden fees. Fees are negotiable based on online sales volumes.