SnapScan is one of South Africa’s first ‘scan to pay’ contactless payment apps that makes it easy and safe to pay and receive payments online.

Your customers love paying with SnapScan. Integrate Payfast and SnapScan and start accepting more payments

Start receiving payments from one of South Africa’s most popular scan to pay mobile apps. Enable SnapScan by activating MasterPass as a payment option on your Payfast account. SnapScan and Masterpass have an interoperability agreement, which allows customers to scan the same QR code with either app on their smartphone to make payment.

How SnapScan works

SnapScan stores credit and cheque card details through secure encryption on a buyer’s phone. During checkout, the buyer simply selects SnapScan as their payment method and scans the QR code displayed on the screen with their smartphone. Once the payment is processed it will instantly reflect in your Payfast account.

Benefits of SnapScan

  • Quick, easy and secure QR payments
  • Access more potential buyers who use SnapScan
  • Reduced risk of fraud
  • Payments reflect immediately in your Payfast account

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup, monthly or hidden fees. Fees are negotiable based on online sales volumes.