MoreTyme is a flexible payment method from TymeBank that allows online shoppers to buy now and pay in full later, literally giving customers more time to pay for their purchases. Available on Aggregator only.

With MoreTyme your customers buy with what they can afford while you get paid in full

For every payment made with MoreTyme, you get paid instantly and in full. Activate MoreTyme as a payment method on your Payfast Dashboard and offer your customers the convenience of paying off their purchases in three easy payments over two months – they can buy now and pay later.

How MoreTyme works

Your customers select MoreTyme when checking out with Payfast.

They pay 1/3 upfront

You get paid in full.

Your customer pays off the rest in two payments to MoreTyme.

Benefits of MoreTyme

  • Increase conversions by offering the popular buy now pay later payment option at checkout
  • Get paid upfront for purchases
  • Full payments reflect immediately in your Payfast account
  • Reach customers who want to make big purchases but who don’t want to pay high-interest credit card fees
  • Pay an all-in-one transaction fee when you make a sale, we have no monthly, setup or hidden fees
  • Your online store will be listed in the TymeBank mobile marketplace

Simple, transparent pricing

No setup, monthly or hidden fees. Fees are negotiable based on online sales volumes.