Monitor online fraud in a real-time environment 

Fraud management is serious business. Our Risk team has decades of collective experience in identifying and managing online fraud and in building bespoke risk monitoring systems and procedures within its merchants’ operations.  The proactive measures minimise and eradicate fraudulent attacks and curb chargebacks. We understand the risks, whether you are a startup or an enterprise merchant. Payprotector on our Gateway solution offers you the peace of mind knowing that all your transactions are continually being monitored in a real-time environment. 

Payprotector Light

Transactions are screened in real-time for potential fraud before they are sent to the bank for authorisation. Should the transaction be identified as high risk, Payprotector blocks the transaction and flags the card as potentially fraudulent.

Any further transaction attempts linked to the flagged card are identified and blocked.

Because fraud is a global issue, Payprotector accesses negative card data worldwide. 

Payprotector Advanced

Here you have the benefit of the real-time transaction monitoring together with advanced reporting. All transactions, including approved transactions, are screened for potential fraud.

A report is generated detailing all your transactions and grouping the transactions in accordance to their level of risk – High, Medium or Low.

You then have the ability to assess the report and institute a 2nd level of authentication from the customer to validate the purchase. 

Card Blacklisting

Within Payprotector, you have the ability to blacklist any card that may pose a threat.

Once a card has been blacklisted, any future transactions will be identified and rejected by Payprotector.

You have the ability to manage the adding and removal of card information specific to your Gateway account.