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Accept cash online, with Mukuru Pay 

We’ve launched an exciting new payment method to help you grow your business and tap into the vast potential of South African consumers who prefer paying with cash. With our new Mukuru Pay payment option, customers can make a purchase on your online store and then pay for their item(s) in cash at one of over 250,000 conveniently located outlets operated by our trusted partner, Mukuru

Mukuru Pay is the perfect solution for online shoppers who don’t have access to online payment methods such as credit, cheque and debit cards, but still want to make online purchases. According to a PwC study cash remains king in South Africa, so by offering Mukuru Pay you can tap into a massive, underserved consumer market in South Africa. Whether you specialise in baby care, clothing, furniture, education, pet supplies, groceries, or any other product, there is an enormous opportunity waiting to be unlocked. 

How does Mukuru Pay work?  

With Mukuru Pay, you get paid for your products and services in full as soon as the cash payment is processed. The payment journey is straightforward for both you and your customers, here’s how it works: 

  • When your customer selects the Mukuru Pay option at checkout, they will be prompted to enter their mobile phone number. 
  • A unique Mukuru payment code will be displayed on the screen, which can be saved to their mobile device or sent to them via SMS or email. 
  • Customers take the payment code to any Mukuru outlet and pay for their online purchases in cash. 
  • Once the payment is processed, it will reflect in your Payfast account and you can complete the order. 

How can you offer Mukuru Pay as a payment method? 

If you have a Payfast account, you can instantly start catering to a wider demographic and hopefully boost your sales because we’ve automatically enabled Mukuru Pay for you. You can manage your payment methods by logging in to your PayFast Dashboard

We know accepting cash payments can be tricky, but with Mukuru Pay we’ve made it simple and secure. We hope you find value in this new payment offering, and for any other questions you may have head over to our Knowledge Base. 

About Mukuru 

Mukuru is a leading Next Gen Financial Services Platform in Southern Africa that offers affordable and reliable financial services to a customer base of over 11 million across Africa, Asia and Europe. With over 100 million transactions to date, their core was built providing international money transfers and from this base, they’ve developed a set of services to address the broader financial needs of their customers.