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Customer Support – the heart of PayFast

At the heart of PayFast is its people; the people who work behind the scenes to make sure that our online payment processing solution meets all of our merchants and their customers expectations. In this new blog series, we are taking a look behind the scenes of our organisation to showcase the different departments, people and processes that together make up PayFast. 

Customer Support is the one constant throughout a PayFast’s merchant journey. From the very beginning Customer Support is present when a new merchant signs up for a PayFast account; they are the ones who verify and activate new accounts, and offer an important lifeline to merchants throughout their partnership with PayFast. Customer Support assists merchants with any queries they may have via email or phone, ensuring that they get the most out of using our online payment gateway.

Talented individuals with diverse backgrounds

Compared to other PayFast departments, Customer Support has the highest employment growth rate due to the immense number of new merchant sign ups that we have month-on-month – on average it’s over 100 per day! For this reason, we are constantly looking for new talented individuals to join the team.

While having a financial understanding may be beneficial, our main requirement when hiring new talent is that they have a positive attitude and are eager to learn something new. Our current Customer Support team members have diverse cultures and employment backgrounds, ranging from the financial and insurance space to hospitality and customer support. Each team member brings their own unique offering to the PayFast table, but as a whole they are united by their determination to help as many of our merchants as they can each day. It’s this positive attitude and the ability to effectively manage their time which makes them champions in their field.

Dedicated to the growth and development of our employees

PayFast has an intensive training and orientation programme that all new employees undergo during their first few weeks on the job. Group training sessions and shadowing experienced customer support team members helps new employees understand exactly what we do, how we do it and why we do it. This includes everything from learning about the different payment methods that we facilitate, how our different features work, such as Subscriptions and Split Payments, and the process new merchants go through to sign up and verify their accounts. New team members are also trained on our different systems and processes, which includes our ticketing system that is used to respond to email queries, risk and compliance and the strict security protocols that we follow in the payments industry.

While training provides an excellent starting base for Customer Support, there is still a lot more that can only be learnt on the job. This is facilitated by team collaboration and referring to our comprehensive website and knowledge base, which anyone can use as a resource for upskilling themselves about PayFast.

Focused on what’s important

PayFast’s Customer Support is not a typical support centre; the team members have developed into experts in their field and rely on their own knowledge and the support of their teammates. Inline with our company culture, the doors of our managers are always open to encourage open dialogue between staff. This work culture has helped to form a friendly and relaxed office environment that has resulted in many friendships being forged and strengthened outside of working hours.

Hard work also doesn’t go unnoticed within Customer Support; team members who go above and beyond their line of duty are rewarded with prizes, complementary lunches and bonuses, on top of a competitive salary. PayFast also has an excellent track record of providing internal opportunities for growth by financing online courses and promoting employees to new positions within the company.

Support opens you up to everything at PayFast

Being a PayFast Customer Support team member is a stimulating and rewarding position because it’s the best way to learn the ins and outs of the company and payments industry. Every day offers a whirlwind of new opportunities, experiences and challenges that together provide a rewarding career in the online payments industry.

If you are interested in growing your career with South Africa’s most recognised online payment solution, then get in touch with our recruiter to find out more about starting your PayFast journey.

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