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How Asha : Eleven has taken sustainability to heart

If local clothing brand Asha : Eleven had to be described in three words, they would be sustainable, inspiring and creative. This is according to Olivia Kennaway, the Kenyan-born co-founder and creator of Asha : Eleven, who derived the name of her store from the Arabic word “life” or “truth” and the number 11, which represents a spiritual gateway.  

For Olivia and her team, Asha : Eleven is more than just a clothing brand, for them it’s synonymous with a conscious way of living. All their clothing, which is inspired by Kenyan design and craftsmanship, is hand-produced in Cape Town in collaboration with a few small local clothing manufacturers.  

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When Olivia was notified that Asha : Eleven qualified for an Easy Advance she was quick to take up the offer to purchase enough stock to meet the growing demand of her loyal and growing customer base. The Easy Advance application process was simple, and the funds were available in her bank account within 24 hours of completing the application.  

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