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How Balance Cape Town is supporting women naturally  

Wellness is about looking after your skin and looking after your mind. And according to Debbie Jackson, the founder and owner of Balance Cape Town, fragrance plays a huge role in both.  

Debbie runs her small, successful business out of her home with the assistance of two extraordinary women. Together they produce natural wellness products, whose main ingredients include marula and pomegranate seed oils combined with essential oils, as well as signature fragrances.  

Debbie started Balance Cape Town after being retrenched from her corporate job with the vision to share the benefits of pomegranate seed oil while helping other women succeed in business. She develops her own products using produce from local pomegranate farmers and suppliers of essential oils and has also partnered with female suppliers who create soaps and other products from their own homes. 

Balance Cape Town has since grown with support from Easy Advance business funding, which gave Debbie more business capital to expand her operations. Watch the video below to learn more about her inspirational story and how easy it was for her to get quick business funding through her Payfast account.  

Debbie’s Easy Advance application was seamless, and she had her business funding in her bank account within 24 hours. Find out more about Easy Advance and how it can help your business grow here.