Blog » How Kecks is creating underwear for the active lifestyle 

How Kecks is creating underwear for the active lifestyle 

Kecks is not your average underwear brand; it’s underclothing that’s comfortable, practical for the active person and, above all else, funky with a proudly South African twist.  

The story of Kecks dates back to 2016 when 16-year-old Tom Mitchell was on a mission to find comfortable and quick-drying underwear suitable for his active lifestyle. From his experience, wearing traditional swimming trunks felt too tight, while regular cotton underwear took too long to dry. With support from his mother, Sandra, Tom developed the idea to create comfortable and quick-drying underwear made from swimsuit material that wouldn’t ride up. After developing a prototype, they gradually refined the design to make it even more comfortable and practical. 

By partnering with the right local manufacturing partners, they have since been able to mass-produce a range of products with unique South African-inspired patterns and designs that have become extremely popular with customers who enjoy water and field sports, hiking, running, you name it. 

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