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How Zero BS is helping South Africans have healthy skin 

Zero BS is a proudly South African skincare brand that takes no BS when it comes to promoting healthy skin.  

Zero BS’s story began five years ago when Warren Wilensky, a single father living in Cape Town, wanted to help his young adoptive daughter manage her seasonal psoriasis. Concerned about the synthetic chemicals and petroleum-based products available in the market, Warren embarked on a mission to find a natural and effective solution to help manage his daughter’s skin condition. 

His prayer was answered when a friend visiting from the US had a small tub of a tallow (beef fat) balm that she used on her skin as a natural moisturiser. Out of desperation one night, he used it on his daughter’s irritated skin, and it was literally an overnight success. The next morning her irritation and inflammation had gone down drastically. 

The realisation of the benefits of tallow led to Warren experimenting with traditional skincare recipes, ultimately discovering the potential of free-range, grass-fed tallow as a primary ingredient. Over six months of dedicated kitchen experimentation, he developed a product that had a remarkable impact on his daughter’s skin. Encouraged by the positive results, Warren started sharing his homemade tallow balm with friends and family. 

The feedback from those who tried the product was overwhelmingly positive, which inspired Warren to team up with his lifelong friend, Yael, and take their product to the next level. Together, they refined their formula and created a range of Zero BS Skin Food products. The product range is created in an industrial kitchen with all the ingredients being completely edible. The philosophy behind this is that if your skin products are not safe enough to eat you should not be putting them on your skin.

Watch the video below to find out more about Zero BS’s journey and why they trust Payfast to manage payments on their online store. 

While initially developed as a solution for psoriasis, the Zero BS has discovered its efficacy in addressing a wide range of skin issues due to its anti-inflammatory properties. These include conditions like steroid withdrawal syndrome, acne, sunburn and household burns, among others.  

Zero BS takes immense pride in its South African heritage. All of the brand’s ingredients, from tallow to essential oils and olive oil, are locally sourced. The commitment to using 100% South African ingredients highlights the brand’s dedication to quality and supporting local communities.