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Introducing the new PayFast Cause index

We’re keeping busy with our designs, redesigns, additions and improvements over here at PayFast. Last week we updated our Cause index, which now looks like this:

We created Cause accounts three years ago to help registered charities, NGOs and many other charitable causes with their fundraising efforts. We provide them with a free webpage, hosted by us, and discounted rates on the donations they receive. It’s our little way of helping out and giving back where we can. We’re still providing this amazing service; it only got a little prettier and more useful.

You can view the new Cause index here and browse around to find some leading charities in your area. You now are able to search by name or keyword, geographical location (with a clickable map of South Africa to show the causes by region) or just see an entire list of causes you can support.

If you know of a charity that might be interested in accepting online donations by EFT or credit card, please tell them about our free service. We offer:

  • reduced fees
  • a free hosted page
  • the ability to accept all payment methods for donations
  • full integration flexibility

Please note that all causes listed in the PayFast Cause index are registered and verified charities. According to South African legislation all causes have to be registered non-profit organisations (NPO, Section 21 company, NGO, non-profit trust etc.) in order for us to process donations on their behalf.

As always, we value your input!

The Team @ PayFast