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How the Lisa Raleigh Group is holistically revolutionising health and wellness

The Lisa Raleigh Group is a globally recognised health and wellness enterprise led by the highly acclaimed expert, Lisa Raleigh. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Lisa has successfully built a dynamic wellness empire, based out of Johannesburg, that focuses on bringing tangible lifestyle changes to people’s lives.

The company operates through three distinct, yet cohesive brands: bounti, Body Kind and Lr Mindful Living. These collectively provide a comprehensive health and wellness offering that addresses physical, mental and emotional aspects of well-being.

Turning a passion project into a wellness empire

Lisa is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and life coach who has always been passionate about wellness. “I discovered the incredible benefits of rebounding exercise during my recovery months after giving birth to my daughter, Bella. I was inspired by the positive impact rebounding had on my life, so I wanted to create a new business venture that could help others benefit from it too,” said Lisa. 

This led to her founding her flagship brand, bounty, in 2020, which sought to help South Africans achieve their fitness goals by doing aerobic exercise on a mini trampoline from the comfort of their own homes. She later expanded her business to include female activewear brand, Body Kind, and DNA health analysis and supplements brand, Lr Mindful Living also in 2020.

“Starting my business on an ecommerce platform was a strategic move fuelled by a growing need for train-from-home solutions and local access to world-class products. We had to work smart in terms of the system that would ultimately support seamless purchase to delivery and ensure that all design and production decisions aligned to our business ethos of empowerment and inclusion,” said Lisa.

Her team’s decision to partner with Payfast as their online payment aggregator formed part of their strategy of delivering a seamless customer experience. “Payfast offers an integrated user experience with optimal client service. It was easy to integrate the payment solution with our website, and it offers our customers with a simple, risk-free way to make payments on our online store,” said Lisa.

Expanding to unified commerce

With a lot of hard work and recent collaboration with her husband, Stafford Masie, Lisa has grown her business to become one of the country’s most dynamic wellness offerings.

“We’ve strived to make health and wellness investments accessible, affordable and sustainable. I’ve trained hundreds of rebounding instructors, established a comprehensive library of workouts and programmes suited for all ages and fitness levels that remains unrivalled worldwide, subscription offerings, a unique athleisure range, and developed a complete nutrition offering and DNA testing,” said Lisa.

“We’ve also grown to include platforms such as live webinars, online classes that remain free, and our brand-new podcast, “Being You”. Information sharing, support and customer engagement is a big priority for us,” continued Lisa.

As part of their growth strategy, Lisa and her team have expanded their business offline by opening their first retail store in Nicolway, Johannesburg, offering a retail experience that complements their popular online store. They’ve also established the largest rebounding studio in Africa, situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg where they offer in-studio classes, and expanded outside of Gauteng by opening a second bounti studio in Kwazulu-Natal in July 2023.

“We aim to inspire people to live healthier lives, making them the best versions of themselves. There have been many challenges along the way, but tuning in to the truth of what our clients need has remained at the forefront. We engage with real-life challenges and support real health concerns, daily, in real-time. As I like to say, nothing feels as good as feeling good feels,” concluded Lisa.

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