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mobicred on PayFast

We’ve added yet another payment method for buyers to complete their online payments: mobicred.

Mobicred is an online credit facility –similar to an account one might hold at a retail store– but with the difference that the account holder can spend credit at various mobicred-enabled websites, not just a single store.

They levy a monthly charge to the user, but only when the account gets used (unlike most credit cards with an indefinite monthly fee). Research has shown that a fair amount of shoppers (online and offline) are hesitant to use or apply for credit cards and prefer to use store credit on an as-needed basis.

Buyer eligibility

Buyers who wish to use the facility, will need to open an account with mobicred. They will do all the relevant background checks before authorising a line of credit. The majority of applications are processed and able to spend immediately, with a few that might take a bit longer if verification is needed. The buyer will receive a mobicred username and password, which can be used on all mobicred-enabled websites.

Seller eligibility

Verified sellers need to complete a once-off application with mobicred to have it display on the payments page. After mobicred has reviewed and approved your application you should:

  1. Log in to your PayFast account and hit the Settings tab
  2. Click the edit button next to mobicred and tick the checkbox to accept it

Note that we don’t share any seller information with mobicred. We’ll simply facilitate mobicred payments by enabling of it on seller accounts, without sellers having to do all the integration by themselves.

The benefits of enabling mobicred on your account would be that:

  1. Sellers can cater to a larger segment of online buyers
  2. Payments clear instantly
  3. There’s no risk to the seller of chargeback or default

For more information about mobicred, kindly see their website or contact them at 086 206 0810.