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Shop Until You Drop – The Shopaholic Success Story 

On 26 August, we hosted our fifth Cracking the Code of Ecommerce webinar that featured none other than the fantastic individual behind The Shopaholic, Tarynne Keown Rahj!  

In celebration of Woman’s Month, we held our first hybrid (in-person/virtual) event at the PayFast office where our Marketing Events Coordinator, Crystal Nel and uAfrica’s Marketing Coordinator, Danika Niebuhr chatted with Tarynne to get the scoop on how she developed her immensely successful online clothing brand and grew her online store’s Instagram account to over 45,000 followers. 

Tarynne started her business venture as a side hustle from her childhood bedroom in 2013 while still in high school. She began by reselling altered clothing bought from a Chinese online store to her school friends and friends of the family. Due to its success, she taught herself how to sew to design and create her own quality clothes to cater for different body types, as well as to avoid the disappointment of long delivery times from China. From there, her online business grew exponentially and the rest, as they say, is history.  

Watch the complete webinar below to find out how The Shopaholic has grown out of its humble beginnings to become a profitable business and why Tarynne loves doing what she does.  

Top three takeouts from the webinar: 

  1. On social media, it’s very easy to compare the success of your business to another. But remember, no one ever posts about their losses. So don’t compare your chapter 9 to someone else’s chapter 99. Remain true to yourself, if someone else is succeeding it doesn’t mean you aren’t. 
  2. Before launching your online store, make sure you have a courier company you can rely on to deliver your products and that you have a payment gateway set up on your website to receive payments.  
  3. Remain consistent in what you do in your business. For example, make sure what you post on social media is a true representation of your product that your customer will receive. It’s also important to show there’s a person behind the brand, so let your personality or your brand’s personality shine through so that you can connect with your customers. 

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