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In a single punch, Google sums up their Adwords digital advertising with the following ad they placed in a newspaper:

Google Adwords Newspaper Ad Globe & Mail

This was actually a witty little publicity stunt by them, since they were showing that traditional print media isn’t the best way to advertise (the irony of actually using traditional media to do so isn’t lost on us). Print isn’t necessarily something we think you should overlook, but that depends on your industry and location. What we do think, or rather what we know, is that ads on Google work. If someone is looking for a new pair of running shoes, a supermarket or a haircut, odds are pretty high that they’ll search for it using Google.

Whether you are selling goods or services or have any type of business, big or small, there is a really significant chance that your customers are already searching for what you’re offering. Are your customers finding you?