Sell on Facebook with Vendorshop and PayFast

[box type=”info”] Please note that we received a notice from Vendorshop that they’re closing down their operations by the end of May 2013. Vendorshop users can export their data and import it into Ecwid via eShop where customers can securely pay with PayFast. Get in touch with via their website or call Wayne at 011-640-9700[/box]

We’re happy to announce a new member to our shopping cart family: Vendorshop.

Facebook shopping with Vendorshop & PayFast

PayFast & Vendorshop

What sets Vendorshop apart from other shopping cart solutions is that it is an fCommerce (Facebook commerce) solution: a shopping cart system that happens entirely within Facebook. This means you don’t need to register a domain name, pay for hosting and it is a really fast way to get your shop online. fCommerce isn’t just about recreating an existing shop on Facebook, but rather about creating buzz and excitement around your products, about rewarding fans and encouraging social behaviour around your brand.