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The new PayFast Dashboard has arrived

We’re excited to officially unveil the new and oh so improved, intuitive, mobile-responsive PayFast Dashboard. We’ve been testing the upgraded interface and functionality in beta for the last few months, giving online businesses that use our payment gateway an opportunity to try out the new look and feel and provide feedback. We’ve listened, revised, iterated, optimised and now the time has come to finally launch. 

As of 1 February 2022 when you log in to your PayFast account you’ll encounter the new PayFast Dashboard. It’s bigger and better in every way, as it was developed with your needs in mind to help you run your online business more efficiently. Below are some of the main improvements that you’ll notice when you log in.

Improved navigation

As soon as you sign in to your new PayFast Dashboard, other than the sleek design you’ll notice straight away how the navigation bar has moved from the top of the page to the left-hand side of the page. This will allow us to seamlessly add new items to the menu as we roll out new features. 

As with the entire new PayFast Dashboard, the navigation bar was designed to be scalable to any size screen, while remaining easy to navigate so that you can always find what you’re looking for. 

Straight forward account management 

Managing your PayFast account information with the new dashboard has never been easier, as it’s now broken up into four distinct sections: 

Personal Information

Here you can easily find your Merchant ID and Merchant Key that’s required for integrations, as well as manage your personal information such as name and ID number, contact information and saved credit cards, which are used when making purchases through PayFast on other online stores. 

Business information

On this web page, you can find information specific to managing your business. This includes account limits, account details, banking details to where payouts will be paid out to, and a section where you can update your business’s physical address. 


As the name implies, here you can manage your security settings like updating your password, setting up two-factor authentication and permissions. 

Verification documents

If you’ve recently signed up to PayFast but haven’t yet verified your account by submitting the required identity documentation, you can do so easily in this new section. Also if you ever need to update any documentation, it can be done here too. 

Quick payment methods set up 

We’ve listened to your feedback and have made enabling and setting up your payment methods as easy as possible in our new dashboard. The Payment methods page has all the payment methods that we currently have on offer that you can enable and add to your website’s checkout page with one click. 

Easy Pay Now button and Payment Request creation  

The PayFast Pay Now buttons are an easy way to accept payments. All you need to do is to fill in the form and choose your customisation options, generate a small piece of code and add that to your website, email or even a WhatsApp message. It’s literally that simple. 

We’ve also updated the very popular Payment Request functionality that allows you to send an email with a clickable link for your customers to quickly pay you. The layout has been improved and we’ve also made it a lot easier to see previously sent Payment Requests and the ability to recreate them if needed.

Intuitive transactions and refunds management 

On our new Transaction History page, we’ve made it easier for you to search and filter transactions, see transaction details as well as process a full or partial refund. To find out more about actioning refunds for your customers, check out this ‘How do I refund a payment’ knowledge base article

Comprehensive reporting 

The reports section of the new PayFast Dashboard allows you to look at your fees reports as well as manage saved customer cards used for tokenized payments. At PayFast we want to make things easier for you and other South African businesses that use us, so this is one of the sections we’re looking to expand in the near future. 

Simple payout process 

The Payout section on the new PayFast Dashboard is where you can manage all of your payout needs, including setting up automated payouts, which can be set to daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Otherwise, you can always manually schedule a payout. You can also view all the payouts that have been processed to stay on top of everything. 

Don’t forget that the new PayFast Dashboard has become the default as of 1 February 2022. If you have any questions about the new PayFast Dashboard, head on over to our comprehensive Knowledge Base to find your answer. We hope you enjoy using the new PayFast Dashboard and look forward to bringing you new features in the coming months. 

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