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Create events and sell tickets easily with Quicket without needing your own website. Quicket supports online payments with Payfast.

Welcome to the future of event ticketing! Quicket, in collaboration with Payfast, brings you a hassle-free solution to create, manage, and sell tickets for your events without the need for your own website. Whether you’re organising a music festival, a charity fundraiser, a conference, or any event, the Payfast and Quicket integration ensures secure and convenient online payments, making event management a breeze.

How to integrate with Quicket

To integrate your Quicket event with your Payfast account, you’ll need to email [email protected] to request them to turn on Payfast for your event page. You’ll be required to provide your Payfast Merchant ID and Merchant Key, which can be found on your Payfast Dashboard, your Quicket email address and the full event page name as registered on Quicket.  

Visit our Knowledge Base for comprehensive instructions on how to integrate Payfast with Quicket. 

Plugin details

Supported by: Payfast

This module was developed by Quicket. Visit their website for integration support. You will need to be registered on Payfast to accept payments and get your merchant ID.

Why use Quicket for online ticket sales

Quicket is a versatile platform that facilitates transactions between event organisers and ticket buyers seamlessly. Create your event, search for events in your area and offer free events free of charge. No website or complicated integration is required, add your event and start selling tickets. No hassles. No holdups. Only the joy of making great events happen. 

Issue complimentary tickets for free 

Quicket allows you to effortlessly issue complimentary tickets for your events. Whether you want to invite VIPs, sponsors, or special guests, you can provide them with free access, making your event even more exclusive and memorable. 

Free tickets for free events 

Hosting a free event? Quicket simplifies the process of offering free tickets to your attendees. No need to worry about payment processing – just create your event, set the ticket price to zero, and let your audience reserve their spots hassle-free. 

Fully customisable ticketing using seating plans, ticket groups, promotion codes, etc. 

Quicket provides you with a wide array of customisation options. You can design your event’s ticketing experience to match your brand and audience’s needs. Create seating plans, define ticket groups, and use promotion codes to boost ticket sales and engage your audience effectively. 

Flexible financial and ticket reporting in real-time 

Stay in control of your event’s financials with Quicket’s real-time reporting. Monitor ticket sales, revenue, and attendee data effortlessly. This feature ensures you have the insights you need to make informed decisions and optimise your event’s success. 

Integrations with Mailchimp and SMS 

Quicket seamlessly integrates with popular marketing tools like Mailchimp and SMS services. Expand your event’s reach by leveraging these integrations to engage with your audience, send updates, and promote your events effectively. 

Tracking scripts and pixels to connect third-party services 

Want to connect with third-party services for marketing, analytics, or other purposes? Quicket offers tracking scripts and pixel integration, allowing you to gather valuable data an 

Free door scanning app for iOS and Android 

Streamline the check-in process with Quicket’s free door scanning app available for both iOS and Android devices. Easily manage attendee entry, validate tickets, and provide a smooth and efficient experience for your guests. 

Scalable, self-managed and fully automated 

Quicket’s platform is designed to grow with your event needs. Whether you’re organizing a small gathering or a large-scale festival, Quicket offers a scalable solution. Plus, it’s self-managed, allowing you to take control of your event without relying on external support. The platform is also fully automated, reducing manual tasks and freeing up your time for event planning and promotion. 

The benefits of using Payfast for Quicket online ticket sales  

When selling tickets on Quicket, integrating with Payfast brings numerous advantages that make the entire process smoother and more efficient. Let’s delve into why event organisers should opt for Payfast: 

Speed and effectiveness  

The checkout process with Payfast and Quicket is a seamless and swift experience for both event organisers and ticket buyers. Here’s how it works: 

Selection of Tickets:  

After selecting their desired event and ticket type on Quicket, attendees proceed to the checkout page. 

Payment Method Choice:  

When it comes to payment, attendees have the option to choose from a variety of payment methods, thanks to Payfast’s integration. This variety ensures that every potential customer can complete their purchase using their preferred payment method. 

Secure Transaction:  

Once the payment method is selected, attendees are redirected to Payfast’s secure payment gateway. Here, they can enter their payment details with confidence, knowing that their transaction is protected by advanced security measures. 

Instant Confirmation:  

After successful payment, attendees receive instant confirmation of their ticket purchase. They can access their tickets electronically, eliminating the need for physical tickets or lengthy processing times. 

Real-Time Reporting:  

Event organisers can access real-time reporting through Quicket, which is integrated with Payfast. This means you can track ticket sales and revenue instantly, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimise your event’s success. 

Give customers more choice  

Offering customers a variety of payment options is crucial for maximising ticket sales and customer satisfaction. Payfast provides more than nine payment options, including credit cards, Instant EFT, and digital wallets like SnapScan and Zapper. This diverse array of choices ensures that potential attendees can pay for their tickets using the method they find most convenient and trustworthy. 

Comparatively, without Payfast, event organisers may be limited to traditional payment methods, potentially alienating customers who prefer alternative options. By integrating Payfast with Quicket, organisers can tap into a broader audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of ticket sales and ensuring a smoother ticket purchasing experience for all. 

Higher customer retention  

Higher customer retention is a natural outcome of using Payfast with Quicket. Here’s why: 

Trust and Convenience 

Payfast is a well-known and trusted payment gateway in South Africa. When attendees see the Payfast option during the checkout process, they are more likely to trust the payment process, resulting in increased conversions. 

Familiarity and Ease 

Payfast’s integration provides a familiar and user-friendly payment experience. Attendees can complete transactions quickly and easily, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts or frustration during the checkout process. 

Recurring Events  

For event organisers planning recurring events, providing a consistent and reliable payment method like Payfast encourages previous attendees to return. They know what to expect and are more likely to attend future events when the payment process is efficient and secure. 

Payfast & Quicket FAQs  

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