The Payfast Guide to Going Online

Chapter 7: Capitalising on shopper trends like Black Friday

In this chapter you’ll learn how to make the most out of Black Friday and other seasonal shopping trends.

Black Friday has become the biggest event in the retail calendar.

Over the last few years Black Friday and Cyber Monday have experienced immense growth in South Africa, especially online. In this chapter find out what you can do to capitalise on this momentous online shopping event by running deals and actively promoting your specials ahead of the big day.

Running Black Friday promotions shouldn’t mean that you lose money needlessly; it’s a tool for ultimately growing your business in the long term.

Getting ready for Black Friday

Find out what you can do to prepare your online store for the busy Black Friday weekend, like how to make sure your website is equipped to deal with the increased visitor traffic. Download Chapter 7 to find out how to:

  • Advertise your Black Friday deals
  • Prepare your website for more visitors
  • Stock up on extra inventory and supplies
  • Access business funding through Easy Advance