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African Tails Gives Four-Legged Friends a Second Chance

PayFast Blog article on African Tails - South African animal welfare charity

Dog lovers out there will agree that there is nothing better than coming home to a wagging tail from a four-legged friend, they’re always happy to see you (well, cats have their moments), love you no matter what, and are quite happy to share your bed with you when it’s cold.

African Tails, an NPO based in Cape Town, work tirelessly to make sure abandoned dogs and cats are given the care they deserve. Currently in South Africa, the increasing number of stray animals adds fuel to the cycle of abuse, suffering and neglect. With this in mind, African Tails focuses on four key areas, Sterilization, Education, Treatment and Rescue and Rehoming.

African Tails strives to curb the overpopulation of domestic animals. We achieve this by running mass sterilisations in impoverished areas.  We also rescue and rehome many animals, and try to give them the happy ending they deserve. Sure, the township isn’t the ideal setting for a fairytale-style happy ending. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.” Veronica Nel, General Manager, African Tails.

These four areas allow African Tails to save countless animals while also educating people on how to look after and care for their pets so the cycle stops repeating itself. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to get all this work done, especially when it’s all for free. In order to provide these services, African Tails need donations and support.

While they are saving animals and educating pet owners across the Western Cape, they are also accepting donations online, which allows them to spend more time doing their important work. Through the use of a PayFast Cause Account, African Tails can accept donations directly from their website and from their own hosted page on the PayFast website.

This forward thinking solution has helped African Tails access more people and supporters who are enabling them to grow their cause through easy, simple and secure donations online. Veronica Nel, the general manager at African Tails, explains how important donations are to African Tails:

“The only way we can continue providing our much needed services, is through ongoing support from donors. Donations help to sterilise an animal,  find a puppy a loving new home, and feed a starving stray. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPAWT!”

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