Blog » PayFast launches SCode payment method

PayFast launches SCode payment method

We’ve added another payment method to our belt. Introducing SCode, another easy way for your customers to pay you and for you to receive safe and secure payments.

SCode has many benefits, but by far the most beneficial is the fact that by using this payment method you can access even more customers across South Africa than before.

SCode allows online shoppers to pay in cash because let’s face it, some customers just prefer it. Now you can offer this service safely and securely to your South African network. What’s more, your customers can also use their credit, cheque or debit card with SCode. So it’s really a win-win for you and your supporters!

Allow us to explain. When a customer chooses to pay via SCode they are given the option to make payment in person at these participating stores all over South Africa: Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House and Home, Shoprite, Shoprite USave, OK Furniture or the South African Post Office.

They receive an SMS code or an email barcode and take this to their preferred store where the cashier scans the barcode or enters the SMS code and the customer can make payment. Once payment is made you’ll receive a notification and can begin processing the order. It’s that easy. Familiarize yourself with our fees and see our Support article which will give you more detailed info and guide you through the process.