The Payfast Guide to Going Online

Chapter 4: Setting up a payment gateway

In this chapter you’ll learn how to choose and set up a payment gateway on your online store to receive payments online.

Before your online store opens you need to integrate a payment gateway to receive payments.

When your customers checkout on your ecommerce store it’s essential to have a payment gateway to process the payments. While there are a variety of online payment solutions to choose from, in this chapter find out why it’s important to choose a solution that offers a wide range of payment methods, has local customer support and provides other useful features that can help your online business grow.

To cater to all of your customers’ payment preferences, we suggest activating a few – if not all – payment methods that your payment gateway offers. This will allow your customers to choose their preferred payment method at checkout, and give them a backup option.

Choosing the right payment gateway

Find out what to look out for when choosing a payment gateway for your online store, as well as how to comply with strict payment processing laws. Download Chapter 4 to find out how to:

  • Choose a payment gateway
  • Integrate a payment gateway