The Payfast Guide to Going Online

Chapter 2: Managing Logistics

In this chapter you’ll learn how to manage the supply chain and inventory of your online store.

Before you start selling online it’s important to get to grips with your supply chain and inventory management.

To have a successful ecommerce store it’s vital that you have a constant supply of your product and the ability to deliver it to your customers on time. In this chapter find out how to source your products, store your inventory and promptly deliver your parcels.

“Always look at the volumetric weight versus the actual weight when you are in the process of calculating your pricing and shipping rates. Depending on your product, these two weights can differ exponentially and can affect what you will end up paying when shipping your orders out.“

Streamlining processes to avoid delays

Learn how to effectively manage your inventory and facilitate efficient shipping. Download Chapter 2 to find out how to:

  • Source products
  • Manage your inventory
  • Calculate shipping